Rose & the Bass Unleashing Funkadelic Vibes

Buckle up for a wild ride through the funkiverse, where the bass guitar takes center stage. Old-school funk with a tropical twist. Asmussen, drawing inspiration from Marcus Miller, Prince, Cameo, Pleasure, Daftpunk and Level 42, crafts a sound that pays homage to the golden era of funk while injecting her own unique flair. Asmussen introduces you to a world where the rhythm is king, and the bass is the heartbeat. Are you ready to join the funk revolution?


JUN 27, HAARLEM (NL) Stiels

JUN 28, AMSTERDAM (NL) De Nieuwe Anita

JUL 5, PARIS (FR) Caveau des Oubliettes

JUL 6, PARIS (FR) Caveau des Oubliettes

JUL 12, BARCELONA (ES) Harlem Jazz Club

JUL 13, BARCELONA (ES) Harlem Jazz Club

AUG 15, RUIGOORD (NL) Landjuweel

Asmussen was active in New York as a bassist for the American pop-rock band Blac Rabbit, toured with Laura Newman in her live show ‘Abracadabra’ through Florida, collaborated with artists like Abbey Hoes, and worked with The Voice winner Iris Kroes. For her debut album, she took bold steps, strapped on her bass guitar, and boarded a plane to Mozambique. There, she delved into African life and rhythms deeply. In 2017 she released her debut album ‘An African Tale’. Asmussen was recognized as a local talent by Alain Clark and launched her YouTube platform ‘Rosans Bass World’ in early 2020, securing endorsements from Sandberg Guitars and Eich Amplifications. She got the attention of several world bass magazines writing articles about her new album and Youtube Channel

Bass MagazineLow End NationNo TrebleDe Bassist

We can always count on Asmussen to put together creative bass video’s that also show off her bass chops.

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